"The Meditation for Everyone meditation DVD is an accessible, practical and engaging video introduction to meditation practice for people of any belief or none. Meditation, and all it can lead to, is probably the greatest gift you can give yourself and this video is an excellent introduction."
Pratap Rughani, documentary film director (BBC, Channel 4).

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Feeling stressed? Need to relax?

Want to feel calmer and more positive?

Want to be more in charge of your life?

Wish to learn meditation?

Meditation is a way of training the mind.
Just as regular physical exercise trains the body and keeps it fit, so meditation can be thought of as a method for training the mind and keeping it in a healthy state.

Through meditation practice it's possible to develop a positive and clear state of mind. This isn't thinking 'good' thoughts, or painting on a smile. It is bringing out the best in yourself, in the quality of your emotions and of your thought. It is a way of reducing the build-up of stress, anger and other emotions which can make life difficult for you and those around you.

The Meditation for Everyone meditation DVD provides a straightforward and practical guide to learning a simple and effective meditation technique.

"I didn't think at first I was the sort of person that could meditate. It was really satisfying to realise that anybody can meditate. Even me with a really active mind."

Stuart Orvis, IT consultant

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This meditation DVD is produced by
The Clear Vision Trust, a UK-based charity associated with the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO).

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