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Can anyone learn to meditate?   The vast majority of people can benefit from meditation, but if you have particular mental health problems it may be best to consult your doctor. That said mindfulness meditation is gaining widespread credit for its benefits to those who suffer depression.

Who's got time for meditation?!   If you don't think you have time for even 10 or 20 minutes most days then you probably really need meditation! It all comes down to priorities and how much you value your well-being. Also the principle of mindfulness can be applied to any situation, not just sitting meditation, though without sitting practice it may be hard to maintain.

Isn't it all a bit touchy-feely?   Well meditation does involve getting in touch with yourself, be warned! But there is nothing wishy-washy about meditation - it requires (and develops) energy, purposefulness, honesty and a robustness in the face of whatever arises.

What's the 'mindfulness of breathing' about?   This meditation uses the breath as an object of concentration and one becomes aware of the mind's tendency to jump from one thing to another. Patiently and persistently we bring ourselves back to the present moment and the richness of experience that it contains. This practice develops alert and sensitive awareness. It is an excellent method for cultivating states of intense meditative absorption and is also a good antidote to restlessness and anxiety.

Aren't I supposed to learn directly from a master?   Ideally one would have a personal teacher and we encourage attending a local class if you can. But if your location or schedule doesn't allow it, this meditation DVD is an excellent foundation. Alternatively, you could try the Wildmind website which offers personal tuition using audio, discussion forums and email. They can also tell you where to buy such things as cushions or stools for sitting. You could also try Kindseat or Quiet Mind Meditation for a meditation stool.

"Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment."

Alan Watts

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"Reading makes a full man, meditation a profound man, discourse a clear man."

Benjamin Franklin


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