"A clear and encouraging introduction to meditation practice. I think anyone could benefit from following this video."

Kulananda author of Principles of Buddhism

"This DVD shows clearly how meditation can increase the positive mental attitudes which help people work against the limitations of pain and ill-health."

Dr William Stones, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Southampton.

"Useful insights into why different people meditate. Shows that meditation can appeal to a wide range of people."

Dr Elizabeth English, Senior University Lecturer, St. Martin's College.

"It was simple, rich, and beautiful. The sound and image qualities were excellent. The video had a clear perceptual quality congruent with the intellectual content. I loved the images. It communicated a sense of confidence and how worthwhile it is to cultivate a regular meditation practice."

Charles Dean, physiotherapist, cranial-sacral therapist (MCSP, SRP, RCST)

"This is an accessible, practical and engaging video introduction to meditation practice for people of any belief or none. Meditation, and all it can lead to, is probably the greatest gift you can give yourself and this video is an excellent introduction."

Pratap Rughani, documentary film director (BBC, Channel 4).

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Researchers from the Universities of Minnesota and of Toronto found that mindfulness meditation helps people brush off unpleasant feelings and stay focused on the task at hand.


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