Why Meditate?

These are many reasons to meditate.

Some need to relieve stress and anxiety, even to lower their blood pressure.

Others are looking for a positive experience of relaxation and 'centered-ness'.

Some want a deeper sense of who they really are, and greater meaning in their life.

All approaches are valid and all are underpinned by the fact that, with patient and intelligent effort, we can change!

  • meditator "Since learning meditation I'm a lot more positive and this has an effect on all the people I come into contact with."
    bookshop manager
  • meditator "I've become much calmer as a person. I feel better prepared to meet the day. Work can still be stressful, of course, but I can deal with it better."
    film maker
  • meditator "I used to always forget things. With regular meditation practice I have become clearer, more in charge of my life and much more organised."
    council worker
  • meditator "I and my painting are more alive."
    artist and teacher
  • "I'm a lot more focused and lot more determined."
    sports enthusiast
  • meditator "I see people and myself becoming more emotionally positive, more aware, more mindful, and calmer."
    pain management course leader
  • meditator "I feel more wholehearted in everything I do. It's a far more satisfying way to live."
    primary teacher

No matter what your age or how hectic your life, there are real benefits to be had in building up a simple daily practice.


"Meditation is simply a pleasure to me. It's amazing that something so simple and free can make life so much more pleasurable."

Educational Consultant

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